With the hurricane season upon us, the following information will help in preparing for upcoming storms.

The state of Florida emergency preparedness office recommends having 7 days worth of supplies on hand. These include :

Flashlights and batteries, one for each person and spare batteries for every flashlight.

A battery powered radio, again with extra batteries.

Water storage containers – It is recommended that a gallon per family member per day for drinking and sanitation. Plastic food grade bottles with screw on caps work best such as 2 liter soda bottles.

Non perishable foods – can goods, powdered milk and instant coffee or tea are some examples.

A well stocked first aid kit

Cash – ATM’s and financial institutions may not be available.

A fully charged cell phone – in case you need to check on relatives or to summon assistance.

The state of Florida has developed a comprehensive checklist for hurricane preparedness:


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